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STONE Community Brokers club

The closed club of brokers STONE Community unites more than 100 professionals of the real estate market who conclude successful transactions, regularly increase the level of expertise and pump their work skills.

Brokers and the STONE HEDGE team are united by a common goal: to offer customers dream real estate and give positive emotions. We build long-term, transparent and productive relationships with real estate agencies and private brokers. Our specialists care about the prompt resolution of all emerging issues and are interested in the comfort of all parties.


Advantages of working with STONE HEDGE

Within the company a department has been created to work with real estate agencies and private brokers. The team of the department is always in touch with brokers-partners to solve all issues.

What we do for brokers:

1. We offer a transparent approach to working with clients from brokers. We have a well-established system for registering clients and paying agency commissions.

2. We conduct broker tours, trainings and immerse in projects and products of the company. We are also always ready to organize on-site training for the team of a new partner.

3. We invite you to private meetings with interesting external lecturers to gain new knowledge, exchange experience and networking.

4. We compile ratings and arrange challenges with valuable gifts based on the results of sales, present letters of gratitude and memorable awards.

5. Always open to communication and ready to create special products and services for partners.

For a closed club of brokers we hold regular meetings and choose the most relevant and useful topics. At each public talk we share our experience in the art of negotiation, service model of communication, customer focus and other aspects. A distinctive feature of each lecture is that new knowledge can be immediately applied in the work, watching how the quality and quantity of transactions grow.


STONE HEDGE priorities in working with brokers


We consider cooperation with brokers from the position of win-win, where the broker and the employee of the company are equal. For STONE HEDGE it is important to create equally comfortable conditions for both its employees and partners.

Shared values

Cooperation with us is distinguished by a focus on the overall result. The STONE HEDGE team perceives the broker as its colleague and is determined to build an effective long-term cooperation. Together with you we achieve high results and develop professionally thanks to a transparent motivation system for each participant in the transaction and an emphasis on the unity of goals.

Training and exchange of experience

We do not stand still and are constantly developing together with you. Through training STONE HEDGE qualitatively expands both the capabilities of its team, through the exchange of experience, and the expertise of brokers and their field of knowledge.

Community of like-minded people

The developer systematically builds a community of like-minded people immersed in the philosophy of the brand and the values of the company. Having closed one transaction with STONE HEDGE you will be imbued with the concepts of projects and will begin to give customers the emotions of high-quality real estate with us, as well as appreciate the team spirit and quality of service. This will be the main long-term and productive cooperation.

Individual and flexible approach

We are always ready to find an individual approach to everyone. A dedicated line has been created for partners and a team for working with real estate agencies is working. Our business processes include close communication with brokers, which gives them advantages at different stages. For example, we will help to build a communication strategy before meeting with a client, taking into account his personal interests and needs to make the approach truly personalized.


I want to start cooperating with you:

Telephone number: +7 (495) 54-54-300


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