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STONE HEDGE is a group of companies, specializing in development and management of residential and commercial real estate in Moscow.

Throughout its 14 years of operation, STONE HEDGE has gone from an investment fund to a full-scale development company.

STONE HEDGE has been building conceptual spaces in business and premium segments since 2011.

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Our flagship projects include the NEO GEO designer business center, Art Residence complex of mansions on “Belorusskaya”, Caméo Moscow Villas on "Mayakovskaya" and apart quarter TriBeCa APARTMENTS on “Baumanskaya”.

Офисный квартал STONE Towers
Бизнес-центр класс А STONE Савеловская
Премиальное офисное здание STONE Курская
Городские виллы Caméo Moscow Villas
Первый. Динамичный. Дом PLAY
Комплекс особняков Art Residence
Клубный дом STORY
Жилой комплекс TriBeCa APARTMENTS
Дизайнерский бизнес-центр NEO GEO
Бизнес-центр Manhattan
Бизнес-центр 7ONE

The real estate fund STONE HEDGE was established in 2006 when several private investors consolidated their equities, of which included several large land assets and commercial properties throughout Moscow and its surrounding region.


Offices of class А




Real estate fund
and investment transactions

In 2019 STONE HEDGE has announced a start of a new umbrella brand STONE, in order to project office centers of class А in the coherent and prospective business districts of Moscow. Currently we build and sell office quarter STONE Towers in the Belorussky district and business center of class А STONE Savelovskaya. Developer is planning to strengthen its positions on the office market within the umbrella brand STONE by Stone Hedge and bring the portfolio of office areas to 500 000 m² by 2023.

For the time of its work STONE HEDGE has managed to muster a professional team with the relevant competencies in development, investments and assets management. High level of expertise and good knowledge of all market characteristics help us to create landmark objects in the dynamic districts.

The group of companies STONE HEDGE was founded in 2011 and started to apply competencies in development. Gradually adding capacities, STONE HEDGE has become an active property player and today performs a full cycle of work in development projects.

Real estate fund appeared in 2006 by merging of capitals of private investors who realised several large-scale land assets and commercial objects in Moscow and Moscow region.



We are proud to nurture each project carefully from the emergence of a delicate concept to the final adieu as we hand the spaces safely over to the hands of happy clients. Any challenge can be met with a compromise, as long as it is within our vision.


Each project of STONE HEDGE is a triumph of distinction in the field of architecture. Landscaping, conceptual interiors, art-installations and navigation are what conveys deep individuality and emotional value for each and every project. A delicate balance of these details culminate into the distinct image that STONE HEDGE represents.

Client care

Our mission is accomplished only when clients step into the property of their dreams. We ensure that you will be given the utmost care when dealing with us at any stage, from your first phone call to the walk along the inner property line of your chosen project. We are committed to developing a long-term fruitful relationship, and we are continuously improving the quality of our services. We would appreciate it if you could give us feedback on your experience and communication with our company.


Each project of STONE HEDGE begins from a conception of beauty, inspiration and creative pursuit to enable us to understand audience expectations. This unrelenting pursuit of an idea that resonates with our audience, coupled with a thorough analysis of each property’s potential, is what allows us to speak the language of high-quality architecture and comfort.


Our hunger for perfection in the design of space has given us a talent for turning problems into possibilities. The challenge we live each day revolves around the fulfillment of our long-term vision for creating better living and working spaces. Each building we construct is an honour to add to our portfolio.

NEO GEO 6 awards
Office Interior
Office Architecture
The best atria of the business center
Best Class B Business Center
Caméo Moscow Villas 11 awards
Gruzinka 30 1 award
High-rise architecture
Лучший клубный дом
Рубен Аракелян,
сооснователь и архитектор бюро WALL

«Для нас сотрудничество со STONE HEDGE - это редкая возможность работать с девелопером, который с самого начала работы над проектом ответственно и внимательно относится ко всем деталям и продумывает все решения до мелочей. Каждый объект - это практически всегда 100% совпадение с концепцией, что для нас, как для авторов проекта - крайне важно. Во время работы над совместными проектами мы ценим доверие, уважение к нашему опыту и профессии, а главное - умение слышать архитектора»

Александр Цимайло и Николай Ляшенко,
основатели и архитекторы бюро «Цимайло Ляшенко и Партнеры»

«Успех любого проекта зависит от группы компаний, которые двигаются в одном направлении. Команда STONE, безусловно, является сильным и вовлеченным в процесс игроком с высоким уровнем профессионализма, который мы очень ценим. Мы совместно создаем продукт, в котором идея и логика рождаются на границе диалога опыта каждой стороны»

Карина Емельяненко,
основатель и архитектор студии KEMELIN PARTNERS

«STONE HEDGE уделяет большое внимание всесторонней проработке продукта, коммерчески выгодного и удобного для конечного пользователя. Наше сотрудничество стало продуктивным диалогом, где все участники проекта с уважением относятся к мнению друг к друга и совместными усилиями стремятся создать целостный и стильный проект»

Иван Охапкин,
руководитель бюро Basis

«STONE HEDGE - одни из редких девелоперов, заинтересованных в создании интересных харизматичных объектов. Их проекты выделяются на рынке за счет продуманного внешнего облика и нестандартных решений, влияют на него. Нас, архитекторов, амбиции компании очень мотивируют, мы вместе работаем над уникальным продуктом»

Architectural offices
Production partners
Проекты КСО

For 14 years, the company has made a significant contribution to the formation of the residential and commercial real estate market. It also support and develops social and urban projects. Contemporary art and space for exhibitions have become an integral part our projects. With many years of experience and our corporate culture we now can move to a new level — long-term partner program of corporate social responsibility.

Сharity organization “Nochlezhka”

In 2021 STONE HEDGE has become a general partner of the charity organization “Nochlezhka” in Moscow. Within a complex approach to social rehabilitation, the developer gives jobs to the homeless people from “Nozhlezhka” and also support financially the organization itself. For the company it was a very serious step toward a new long-term partner program of corporate social responsibility.

We believe, that the “the value of home” is equally important for everyone. As a socially responsible developer we have a goal: not only to construct buildings, but also give an opportunity to find a home to anyone who needs it regardless of his or her social standing.

We sought to build a complex process of social adjustment and employment assistance. This kind of work included also humanitarian aid to the project “The Night Bus” and providing the Consulting service with all necessary equipment and other needs.

Галерея JART

Partnership with JART Gallery, which is located on the territory of mansion complex Art Residence on “Belorusskaya”, started in 2017. In 2020 году STONE HEDGE supported opening of Avdey Ter-Oganyan School of Arts and JART Gallery.

Nikolskaya Gallery и POP UP MUSEUM

POP UP MUSEUM of contemporary art in the business center NEO GEO exists since 2017. The expositionhas become the largest POP UP museum in Moscow. Within 3 years museum has arranged more than 60 exhibition projects and presented more than 100 authors, Russian and foreign.

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