STONE Belorusskaya Class A business center

Metro Belorusskaya
Address Northern Administrative District,
1st Yamskogo Polya St., ow. 30
Area 34 500 m²
Год сдачи 2023

The unique transport accessibility of the Belorusskiy business district makes it one of the most prestigious business districts in Moscow.

8 min.
from the “Belorusskaya” metro station
12 min.
from the “Savelovskaya” metro station
5 min.
to Tverskaya St.
• 8 minutes to the aeroexpress • 5 minutes to the Garden Ring
• 30 minutes to Sheremetyevo Airport • 10 minutes to the Kremlin
About the project

The new flagship project of STONE HEDGE group in the segment of commercial real estate of class A is a business center on "Belorusskaya". The project of 34 500 m² will be located in a prestigious business district near the complexes "White Square" and "White Gardens" and will fit perfectly with the style of the office district.

The proximity to major international and Russian companies, walking distance to four metro stations, proximity to the main transport highways (a few minutes ride to the Garden Ring and TTR), as well as the Belorussky Railway Station (from where the aeroexpress goes to Sheremetyevo Airport), are the advantages of the location.

Jurassic marble facades and designer interiors, the modern technological equipment are just a few of the features of the new business center. An outdoor area of 1000 m² has been designed for recreation and productive work.

The main infrastructure spots — restaurants, coffee houses, beauty salons, dry cleaning, pharmacy will be located on the ground floors. The concept of high-quality service will be complemented by an own dining hall for employees and a restaurant with an open veranda for comfortable business meetings.

Completion of the facility is scheduled for the year 2023.


STONE is designed in the style of modern minimalism, which is characterized by elegant strictness of lines and moderate colors. The facades are made of premium facing material, jurassic marble, which is able to retain its first-class appearance for decades.

Panoramic windows

Glazing of offices is panoramic, with reduction of interwindow spaces as they rise to the top floors. As a result, the visibility is extended with each floor and the amount of natural light is increased, which has a positive effect on the office atmosphere.

Designer lobbies

Lots of light and air are a fundamental characteristic of the STONE lobby. Ceilings with a height of more than 7 meters and panoramic windows create a feeling of lightness, and the entrance on the same level as the pedestrian sidewalk creates a sense of infinite space in which the lobby and the surroundings seamlessly flow into each other. Two lobbies in STONE Belorusskaya allow for flexible flow of employees and visitors arriving to the business center by different routes and for different purposes — on foot and by car, to the office or retail.


In the main elevator hall, there are entrances to 10 Schindler elevators, which you can access via turnstiles. The waiting time for the elevator is up to 30 seconds that corresponds to the international recommendations for the class A objects. The second elevator hall is intended for access to the parking lot from the main lobby.


STONE Belorusskaya has a two-level parking lot equipped with a convenient navigation system, car navigation lighting and a modern system of state numbers recognition. The parking lot can accommodate up to 171 cars and is equipped with a charging system for electric cars.

Engineering systems

Comfortable microclimate in STONE Belorusskaya is maintained by the central air-conditioning system with the winter cold mode and the inflow and outflow ventilation with the function of cooling and heating. The building is equipped with a controlled heating system with convectors. All public spaces, including lobbies and terraces, are connected by Wi-Fi network. Access to the building is via individual magnetic cards, and parking is via magnetic cards or automatic state number recognition system.


Security in the business center and around the perimeter is ensured by video surveillance cameras linked to the management company's monitoring station. The high level of fire safety is guaranteed by a system of smoke and temperature sensors, the signals from which are received by the fire department's rapid response panel, which turns on the automatic firefighting mode and activates the air support system on the escape routes.


Roof Top Garden

Roof Top Garden, or roof garden, is a cozy green space on the second floor roof for employees and guests. A distinctive feature and "magnet" of the terrace will be the garden, opened in the warm season — from April to November. This place is ideal for relieving working stress and switching to meditative relaxation mode. You can also work on the terrace. Portable chargers for phones and tablets allow you to instantly organize a workplace outdoors.

Roof Top Bar

The Roof Top Bar will be a favorite open-air lounge. If the Roof Top Garden is designed for privacy or leisurely negotiations, the Roof Top Bar will be chosen by those who like the informal style of communication in the circle of a large group of people. The Roof Top Bar has all the attributes of a rooftop bar, which can be found in an expensive hotel and where guests gather in the evenings to spend time in a friendly atmosphere. There is a summer cafe with a veranda, a bar counter with soft drinks, and most importantly — a service appropriate to the status of residents of STONE. In free time, the terrace with a bar will be a point of attraction for employees who prefer a relaxed style of meetings and negotiations.

Lounge Hall

In the STONE concept, modern offices are organically complemented by a large and diverse recreational space — the lounge hall. There will be a modern shopping gallery, coffee shops, bars and dining room with access to the terrace.



Offices in STONE Belorusskaya meet all the requirements of A class; it is a business space with a variety of layouts and functional design. In all offices the height of ceilings is 3.65 meters, decoration by Shell & Core.

Windows are panoramic with aluminum profile and ventilation possibility. Glazing provides the maximum level of insolation. Each floor has 98 windows arranged evenly around the perimeter.

Areas from 350 до 10 000 m²

Price from 224 000 rubles/m²

Option 1 — quarter floor

A layout divided into four offices on the floor. Office space: from 300 to 380 m²

Option 2 — quarter floor

A layout divided into four offices on the floor. Office space: from 300 to 470 m²

Option 3 — the half floor

Half-floor layouts. Office space: from 675 to 750 m²

Option 4 — the whole floor

Layout of the whole floor or several floors of the business center. Here you can arrange space and common areas according to your own design project. Office space on the floor: 1518 m²


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