Stone Savelovskaya Class А business center

Metro Savelovskaya
Address Northern Administrative District, Dvintsev St., ow. 3
Area 93 000 m²
Year of completion 2024
About the project

The business center STONE Savelovskaya is a two contamporary 100-meters towers, bridged with a working stylobate. The entire surrounding area will be landscaped under all trends in public spaces.

The project is implemented in the concept be CITIZEN, which responds to the key needs of the residents of the modern metropolis, and changes the perception of office space. The project is located in a dynamic area 500 m from TTK and within walking distance of three metro lines.

The author of the project is bureau Tsimailo Lyashenko & Partners.


Architects of the bureau Tsimailo Lyashenko & Partners harmoniously combined aesthetics, modern trends and functionality. The two 100-meter office towers are located on the same stylobate with their own infrastructure business center. The architecture of the project corresponds to the principles of out of time and the concept of healthy building. Separately, it is worth noting the increased level of glazing, which transmits a sufficient level of light and allows you to enjoy the urban landscapes.


The developer will design the concept of landscaping for STONE Savelovskaya together with the leading architectural Basis bureau. The main landscaping includes two key areas: a public space with free access and a closed area for residents on a stylobate with its own cafe and work areas with chargers for gadgets. An important component of the landscaping will be a small workshop area as an obligatory part of the concept be CITIZEN to maintain psychological and physical health of a person. On the main square of the business center, the architects provided green islands and landscape hills, art fountains and benches for recreation.

Designer lobbies and corridors

The interior in neutral tones for the business center STONE Savelovskaya was made by the London studio KEMELIN PARTNERS. The concept is based on the style of museum architecture. The interior is based on natural light, textured concrete and elements of biofilm design. Thoughtful zoning and navigation system allows you to correctly distribute traffic inside buildings and create additional spaces for recreation in the lobby and shopping gallery.

The concept be CITIZEN

The business center STONE Savelovskay is realized in the concept be CITIZEN and meets the key needs of residents of a modern metropolis who spend a lot of time working: be mobile, be on time, be active, be healthy and be successful. The concept be CITIZEN was formed within the company and was the result of studying the needs of a person in the office environment and the tasks that he solves on a daily basis, as well as the benefits that he can get in the process of using the office.


The two-storey stylobate will have all the necessary infrastructure for the optimal functioning of the business center and to meet all the needs of residents. The building will have retail premises, cafes and restaurants, a canteen, pharmacies, ATMs and a fitness room. An important component of the business center is a coworking with access to the landscaped territory of the stylobate with its own cafe.


A spacious parking for 500 places is provided for residents and guests of the business center. The well-thought-out transport infrastructure provides for underground and ground multi-level parking, as well as guest parking with a dedicated area for car sharing cars. The business center will be equipped with micro-mobility infrastructure facilities and chargers for electric vehicles.

The layouts

The business center offers offices for businesses of any scale. The layouts of the first building assume office blocks of 50 m², the second building will have executive floors of 1880 m², as well as a single office block of 20 thousand m².The towers are distinguished by functional floor layouts, taking into account the optimal depth of rooms up to 10 meters and ceiling height from 3.65 m. A key task in the design was the creation of adaptive layouts, which will allow residents to customize office space to the needs of their business.

Modern technologies

The office buildings of the STONE Savelovskaya will be equipped with all modern engineering systems. The office has air conditioners, supply and exhaust ventilation with increased air volume and a multi-level cleaning system. Also, the offices will provide for the possibility of natural ventilation of the premises.


The key advantage of the business center STONE Savelovskaya is its convenient location, where all types of public transport are available. The business center will be located in a developing area near the Savelovskaya metro station and 500 meters from the Third Ring Road. There are three metro stations within walking distance. Savelovskaya metro station is a 7-minute walk from the business center. Maryina Roshcha metro station is a 13-minute walk away. Also, from the business center you can quickly go to the Third Transport Ring.

In addition, next to the business center there is the Savelovsky transport hub with stations of Moscow Central Diameter-1 and Moscow Central Diameter-4. Aeroexpress trains leave from Savelovsky railway station to Sheremetyevo airport. The direct road to the Moscow City business district will take 15 minutes, and the road to the Skolkovo innovation center will take 40 minutes.

7 min.
from Savelovskaya metro station
13 min.
from Maryina Roshcha metro station
500 m.
from the Third Ring Road

Bumazhny proezd, 19

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