Stone Towers Class A office quarter

Metro Belorusskaya, Savelovskaya
Area 102 000 m²
Year of completion 2022


Right at the crossroads of major transport links, this is the only class A business quarter with such ease of access. Four major metro stations are within walking distance, the closest being Savelovskaya. Most notably The Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) is in the immediate vicinity, from where a straight line to Sheremetyevo airport will be launched in 2024.

4 min.
from the “Savelovskaya” metro station
12 min.
from the “Belorusskaya” metro station
5 min.
to Tverskaya St.
About the project

Built to leave a lasting impression: these towers were designed for health and well-being. With the physical, psychological, and social health of its residents in mind, this is the latest in the healthy building concept.

Vibrant business activity and a buzzing social environment with promising networking opportunities make up this European class A business quarter. Located in the prestigious Belorussky district with the best transport access from anywhere in Moscow.

The footprint of the project is 102 000 m² with four office buildings in total. The first building will be commissioned in May 2022.


Any need can be met, any individual can feel comfortable in this innovative new environment. Each tower has its own unique facade, and yet all they fit smoothly into the whole ensemble. The elaborately designed geometric shapes on the exteriors are made possible with an advanced fibreglass reinforced concrete material.


Natural light pours in through the panoramic windows to provide a comfortable working environment, a brand identifier of all STONE projects.


Above-ground and underground parking with automatic plate reading systems for office staff and guests. Charging devices for electric vehicles are also available.

Engineering systems

All buildings are equipped with automated engineering systems (BMS), which are fully customizable to meet individual preferences.

Designer lobbies

Owners of certain office buildings in STONE Towers have the opportunity to realize their own personal design project in the lobbies. All other lobbies are designed by a world-renowned architect firm.

Green havens

An expansive public garden sprawling at the foot of Stone Towers caters to the wellbeing of occupants. With immaculately landscaped greenery, there is always a space for breathing, relaxing, or having casual meetings.


Architect Bureau

A bold reimagining of the office space concept to meet changing demands in the workplace is possible only by harmonizing developer expertise with architect innovation. The designer of this project is the renowned "Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners”, recognized on the market for their premium and deluxe residential projects.

High investment attractiveness

Claim your stake in a cutting-edge project with attractive profit margins and potential for continued growth. Other than the appeal of convenient location and innovative architecture, this project is already having a positive impact of leading a 5-15% growth in the surrounding community.

Healthy building conception

A temperature change of just 1 degree can result in a 2% decrease in worker output. Each building in Stone Towers has an abundance of daylight and advanced ventilation systems to ensure not only productivity but health and wellbeing. A healthy building is the key in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and maintaining optimal working conditions.

"15 minutes" approach

To meet World Health Organization guidelines for proximity of local facilities, all necessary amenities are within a 15 minute walking distance. Not only does walking bring increased health benefits but it leads to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 15 kg per year.

2,15 ha of high-class amenities

Vast areas of public space give life to networking opportunities and stakeholder well-being: landscaped parks, public gardens, cafes, restaurants, and a lounge floor make a healthy work-life balance to achieve.

Park with 5000 m² area

Exquisite landscaping is a trademark of all STONE HEDGE projects. An elegantly designed 5000 m² park is situated in the office quarter with a cozy green space — the favorite leisure area of guests and residents.

International certification BREEAM

Office quarter STONE Towers will attain the British ecological standard certification BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). This is a comprehensive assessment of the building according to strict standards of energy efficiency, ecological compatibility, cleanliness, and prudent use of water and other resources, and their effect on health.

Tower А
Office building

Tower A is a freestanding 9-floor office building with the area of 14 000 m². It is to be the first structure completed in the office quarter, and is available as an entire unit as freehold property. Completion is Q2 2022.


A proper ground guest parking for 45 cars is available in the office building, with 6 spaces reserved for guests.

Exquisitely landscaped property

Besides the latest technologies, the Healthy building concept provides a superbly comfortable environment. More than 50 trees are to be planted in the entire quarter, and a significant number are reserved for the landscaped area near Tower A.

Private panoramic terrace

The finishing touch of every building will be a world-class terrace, usable throughout the year. The area of the terrace is an additional 600 m² that is not included in the calculation of the total area of the complex.

Designer lobby

The dream of an exclusive area to welcome clients comes true in the lobby of Tower A. With 4.7 m ceilings, exits to the guest parking and landscaped territory, and direct access to the infrastructure of the business quarter and Bumazhny proezd, this lobby provides everything your business needs for a prestigious image.

Flexible plannings

A depth of up to 10 meters in each room enables efficient placement of employees as well as lots of natural light to positively influence their emotional state. The ceiling height is from 3.6 to 4.1 meters.

Property service

Stress-free property management service that finds you the right tenants for steady income. You will not have worry about space efficiency or occupancy.

Tower B
Office building

Tower В is a 23-floor business center with the area of 41 000 m² and the office space occupies 33 000 m². Office buildings В and С are connected at the ground level and include the best retail and service amenities. Office blocks are for sale from 70 m². Completion is Q4 2023.

A magnificent sight

Tower B will become the tallest building in the Belorussky business district at 100 meters high. The panoramic windows will charm you day and night with marvellous views.

Designer lobby

Voluminous lobbies with plenty of air and light are a cornerstone of this project. A double floor height of 9 meters, a total area 470 m², comfortable waiting areas, and specially designated zones for VIP-clients, where privacy is strictly upheld — all of this promises the upmost comfort for residents and their guests.


A coworking space of 3600 m² will operate on floors 4-5 of the business center. It gives flexibility to the office residents with well-equipped working areas, contemporary interior design, and optimal conditions for networking and productive work.

Private panoramic terrace

Premium office spaces in Tower B offer an exclusive, scenic terrace that is ideal for meetings and other sessions in the open air.


Events at the conference hall are easily booked though our mobile application, and the managing company will support you with all necessary arrangements.


A quick change of scenery is an integral part of immersing yourself deep in the flow of your work. In the STONE concept, office space is naturally complemented with a lounge floor, its coffee shops, and other cozy spots for informal meetings.


In the business center, there is two-level underground parking for 237 cars. Above-ground guest parking is provided as well. Access to the parking area is available through Bluetooth, magnetic cards and license plate scanning. Electric cars can easily be charged in the underground parking.


In the main elevator hall, there are ten modern Schindler elevators, each with a lifting capacity of 1700 kg. Elevators and fare gates are managed through unique PORT Technology. Two Schindler escalators lead to the second level of the lobby. Operating on the ECO-system enables them to provide improved productivity and reduced power consumption.


Hand over a T-shirt to a dry-cleaner or buy something for a dinner without stepping foot out of the building. The service and retail area is located conveniently on the first floor.

Offices from 70 to 1800 m²

You can buy a compact office from 70 m² or the entire floor with an area of 1800 m². Correct configuration of the office, with a depth of up to 10 meters, provides maximal natural light.

Client offices from 33 m²

A perfect solution for heavy footfall and free access from the lobby. This is a special format, with only 8 premises available, which is rather popular in all STONE HEDGE office projects. Offices have a ceiling height 4.55 meters and places for signboards.

Tower С
Office building

Tower С is a 10-floor office building with the area of 10 000 m². Office building С, in addition to Tower A, is available for purchase as a single unit. Each building of the project has its own unique advantages, those of Tower C being a wide range of amenities on the first floor and ease of access to the retail and service premises without leaving the building. Completion is Q4 2023.


For employees of the business center an underground parking for 40 cars is provided, and an above-ground guest parking is available for guests. Access is available through Bluetooth, license plate recognition, and magnetic cards. In Tower С, in addition to the other towers, there are chargers for electric cars.

Designer lobby

The main entrance to the building is located from the ground level and upper square. The lobby of Tower C combines the advantages of towers А and В. A ceiling height of 9 meters and floor-to-ceiling glazing give a voluminous appearance to the space. This lobby also provides a unique opportunity to implement your own design project.


In the main lift hall there are four modern Schindler elevators with a lifting capacity 1700 kg. The elevators are controlled by unique PORT technology. In the additional lift hall there are two more elevators that lead to the parking and retail space.

Private panoramic terrace

The main advantage of the terrace in Tower C are the views over the 5000 m² park, ideal for working meetings in the open air.


Hand over a T-shirt to a dry-cleaner or buy something for a dinner without stepping foot out of the building. The service and retail area is located conveniently on the first floor.

Office space

The offices are located on the 3rd to 9th floors. An optimal area of 1160 m² allows for any planning solution and favourable layout of employees. With a depth of up to 10 meters for each room, employees have an abundance of daylight. Ceiling height is 3.65–4.1 m.

Tower D
Office building

Tower D — coming soon.

A class street retail

Retail within an office quarter of premium-class is located on the front line of Bumazhny proezd, on the ground level of the office buildings A and C. Proximity to the two large transport hubs, Savelovsky and Belorussky, provides an ideal location for this retail space.

Heavy pedestrian traffic

An abundance of potential customers within reach. Being so close to the metro and two large railway terminals, Belorussky and Savelovsky, brings heavy footfall in addition to the 11 000 residents of the business quarter and local residents.

Retail space from 23 m²

High revenue potential as employees and guests of the buildings В and С have a direct access to the gallery. Ceilings up to 5 m, free entrance, and places for signboards.

Property service

Stress-free property management service that finds you the right tenants for steady income. You will not have worry about space efficiency or occupancy.

Construction progress


Bumazhny proezd, 19


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