Stone Towers Class A office quarter

Metro Belorusskaya, Savelovskaya
Area 106 000 m²
Year of completion 2022

About the project

STONE Towers premium office quarter is located in the Belorussky business district within walking distance from 4 metro lines. The office quarter consists of four office buildings and is designed in the Healthy building concept, the main guideline of which is the health and well-being of employees. STONE Towers implements a wide range of offers: from buying or renting small office blocks with an area of 70 m2 to an office building for one resident company. Each office tower has floors with its own outdoor view terrace. As part of the landscaping, a 5,000 m2 park with open working areas, as well as its own rich infrastructure, has been designed.

The office today is more than a desk and a computer – it is a space where interaction between people is built, processes are improved, and new ideas are born. STONE Towers has become one of them.

Architecture and landscaping from bureau "Tsimailo Lyashenko & Partners".



The architects of the project became the Moscow bureau Tsimailo Lyashenko & Partners known to the market projects premium class and deluxe. The facades of STONE Towers will be made of fibreglass concrete. Due to the plasticity of this material, each office building has an individual facade that corresponds to the unique architectural design code of the project. Each office building has floors with its own exterior terrace. The architecture of the premium office quarter unites functional and public spaces into a single whole and corresponds to principles outside time and the concept of Healthy building.

Landscaping and park

Within the framework of the landscaping of office blocks STONE Towers a park with an area of 5000 m² is planned, which will become not only an area of rest of office employees, but also a place of walks for townspeople. Open public space will be divided into several functional areas. A key role in their formation is given to the boulevards, which are designed to connect the area and direct pedestrian traffic. The main place for rest and communication will be the square. Here, surrounded by green islands, benches will be placed, and in the depth there will be zones equipped with places for work and charging devices for gadgets. The office block is decorated with modern art facilities.


The design of the lobby and corridors in STONE Towers is also developed by the bureau Tsimailo Lyashenko & Partners. The interiors of office towers are designed in minimalist design, calm color solutions and quality materials. When designing the concept of public space, architects took into account that the office of tomorrow is more than just a place to work. Therefore, it was designed in such a way as to ensure the maximum physical and emotional comfort of the employees. This is facilitated by spacious and voluminous lobbies with elements of biophilic design, the space of which is visually expanded by panoramic glazing and high ceilings. Navigation in buildings will be as accessible and easy to read as possible.

Healthy building concept

The STONE Towers office quarter is built according to the Healthy building concept, which implies a safe and productive environment for each resident. The concept is realized through improved ventilation systems, year-round air-conditioning, multi-stage air-cleaning system, optimal level of insolation and biophilic design inside office buildings. The concept is also realized through an integrated approach to landscaping, abundance of green areas and ergonomics of the neighbourhood, which by its planning contributes to the comfort of the office employee.


STONE Towers will have developed its own infrastructure, which will be located on the first three floors of Tower B and Tower C. Among the planned infrastructure points will be cafes and restaurants with summer verandas, dining room, shopping areas, including beauty salons, pharmacies, flower shops, dry cleaners, ATMs. The gallery is accessible from the street as well as from office buildings. An important feature of the office quarter will be space for networks, including a lobby restaurant and lounge areas. The management company will rent the conference room together with all necessary equipment for presentations, videoconferencing and teamwork.


The office floors of the free layout will make it possible to realize any ideas for the creation of an impressive and adaptive office. The floor plans correspond to all modern requirements of the functional office space. The depth of the room is 8-10 m, and the height of the ceilings in the office is from 3.65 m. The increased area of the glazing will provide the optimal level of insolation, and the special coating of the glazing will keep the temperature balance.

Modern technologies

Modern engineering systems of the complex will support a comfortable microclimate thanks to the central air-conditioning system, high-volume air-ventilation and multi-level cleaning system. Open windows provide natural ventilation. The system of high-speed elevators of european manufacturers equipped with passenger traffic control technology will ensure maximum comfortable movement inside office towers, and the non-contact access to elevators with the help of the telephone and Face ID will minimize the waiting time of the elevator in the lobby. Closed-circuit television systems in public areas and perimeter areas guarantee maximum security for residents.


The office quarter STONE Towers is located in the Belorussky Business District, it became the only office quarter of class A under construction with all kinds of transportation accessibility. In the walking availability there are 4 metro stations of ring and radial lines - the nearest of which is Savelovskay metro station. The stops of Moscow Central Diameters-1 and Moscow Central Diameters-4 provide direct connection with the Sheremetyevo airport and innovation center Skolkovo. For motorists there are convenient exits to the Third Transport Ring and Leningradsky Avenue.

4 min.
from Savelovskaya metro station
12 min.
from Belorusskaya metro station
5 min.
to Tverskaya St.
Construction progress


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