Ready rental business with a tenant

One of STONE HEDGE activities is a sale of ready rental business. We work only with reliable tenants, provide a high quality pre-sale service, and guaranteed income.

Ready rental business from STONE HEDGE is a purchase of a liquid commercial premise with a tenant. All the tenants sign a long-term rental agreement with a precise rental rate for the whole period of the agreement, including index-linking.

from 13,7 to 162 mln rub.
Pay-off period
from 7 years
Rental income
up to 14,3%
Monthly income
from 100 000 to 1,4 mln rub.
Special offers

Your investments insurance

Rental payment and search for a new tenant is guaranteed by STONE HEDGE.

Your investments insurance

Rental payment and search for a new tenant is guaranteed by STONE HEDGE.


We provide conditions for reliable investments in the real estate that bring a stable monthly income. The formula of profitable investments in the real estate consists of four basic indicators:

Liquid premises

We sell ready rental business only in our own working business-centers

• Rental business: offices or retail • Business-centers NEO GEO and 7ONE • Location in South-Western and Northern Administrative Districts • Walking distance to the metro • Class В+ • Designer lobbies • Surface, underground and guest parking • Premises insurance
“Iron” rental agreement

All STONE HEDGE agreements with the investor provide:

Index-linking of the rental rate
for the whole agreement`s term

The agreement includes precise calculation of the rental payments since first month until the end of the agreement. Investments become clear, without pitfalls, with detailed predictability of the money flow.
Simplified taxation — 6%

Renting a residential/non-residential premise is a kind of activity which is applicable to the simplified taxation with no limits. It means that you as an investor pay a tax in amount of 6% from all the income received.
Interaction with managing company

Investor (owner of the premise), tenant and managing company sign a triple agreement, which prescribes that managing company solves all the tenant`s questions in 24/7 mode.
No utility and maintenance fees 

The tenant pays all maintenance costs directly to the managing company. Investor receives a monthly income on his account and takes no more part in the financial issues of the tenant.
Qualified service

Since 2011 STONE HEDGE has sold 500 offers of ready rental business for private and institutional investors. We are ready to show a chosen premise at any day and can complete the transaction at the same day. We also provide a client with:

• full set of documents, which guaranty reliability of the tenant, • clear and transparent form of contract, • calculation of income and pay off period of any investment offer.
Stable income

Each of our office centers has a unique concept that attracts tenants for a long time.

Location and technologies make our objects highly demanded at the real estate rental market.

We are confident in our offers and guarantee to find a new tenant.

Turnkey deal

We provide our clients with the best finished product in the real estate market. Our services include quality pre-sale service, post-sale support and warranty service.

Support at a notary

A corporate lawyer accompanies the client to the notary's office and resolves all arising issues.

Tax consulting

In case the client needs expert support in terms of the order and amounts of tax accrual and/or legal peculiarities of the transaction, the manager prepares a meeting with a financial advisor. You are guaranteed to receive advice on taxation issues or legal aspects of the transaction.

Mortgage assistance

In case the client invests in the ready rental business with the help of a mortgage transaction, the mortgage manager of STONE HEDGE assists in the collection of documents, selection of the best offer under individual conditions. Manager also submits the documents.

Payment of state fees

The Company pays the state fee for the future owner of the ready rental business. State fee is charged for registration in Rosreestr.

Extended legal support

The company advises the client on the preparation of documents required for the transaction in Rosreestr; submits documents for registration and conducts all necessary negotiations, receives registered contracts and extracts from the USRP.

Extended post-sale service

The company takes care of the owner of the ready rental business at all stages of the transaction, including the period of actual ownership of the business, without time constraints.

Rentier club

Each owner of the ready rental business of the STONE HEDGE group of companies becomes a member of the Rantier Club. The undisputed advantage of the program is that it informs about all the most favorable conditions of investment before they get into the open sale.

Moreover, all members of the club get access to closed business parties, where tendencies of development of the real estate market are discussed, experience is shared not only by successful participants of the real estate market, but also by entrepreneurs who have achieved results in different spheres of business development.

Why do you sell a ready rental business and not generate income from it yourself?

Every developer chooses his or her own business model. For some, the algorithm includes construction of objects, renting out of real estate and further maintenance. This model is more conservative and assumes lower marginality. For others, the construction is necessarily followed by the sale of the premises, either empty or leased — the ready rental business. Each developer chooses its own way of development and strategy of work with the product. STONE HEDGE follows the second path.

Who can become an investor in the ready rental business?

Anyone who wants to save and increase his or her money can become an investor. Buyers of the ready rental business are also private investors looking for tools to diversify their current investments:

• bank deposit; • residential real estate purchased at the stage of excavation for further sale; • shares and bonds; • apartments for rent.
Who makes utility and operational payments?

All utility payments, including operation bills, are paid by the lessee. All payments stipulated in the contract are based only on the rental rate. It means that the investor receives a net income and is not involved in the maintenance of the premises. Moreover, we do not prescribe payment through invoicing, which means that all payments are received immediately by the owner, and they can be easily tracked in any Internet banking system.

Where is the ready rental business sold?

STONE HEDGE group of companies has a vast working experience. For 12 years 9 projects have been completed: 7 business centers and 2 residential complexes. In 2018, construction of three more residential facilities began. 95% of all proposals on ready rental business are implemented in business centers. However, the company also leases retail premises in residential complexes. These lots are characterized by high profitability: they are always premises on the ground floor of houses, which are an integral part of their infrastructure.

Is it possible to buy a ready rental business as a mortgage?

Of course, you can! Both individuals and organizations. All work with a potential buyer of a ready rental business (as well as residential premises)on credit is carried out in a single window mode. Mortgage specialist of the company advises on all issues related to the choice of the bank and the mortgage program, provides support in the collection and filling of all necessary documents in the bank.

How often does an investor need to meet with a tenant?

Most often, owners of rental business do not want to participate in the process of its implementation. That is why STONE HEDGE sells the business on a turnkey basis. We give you the opportunity to buy a room and do nothing else - just get a passive income from the first day. This is possible due to a tripartite agreement between the investor (owner of the premises), the tenant and the management company. The tenant insures the premises himself, and all current issues are solved by the management company. The owner may be located in another country and not participate in his rental business in any way, receiving only a monthly payment to the current account. This is what we call passive income.


We hold webinars where we talk about profitable investments in commercial real estate.

At the webinars we:

- Answer why STONE HEDGE's ready rental business may be more interesting than other offers

- Compare ready rental business with other types of investments

- Share our experience and the experience of our clients

- Discuss market news

At the webinars you can:

- Ask questions and get answers live

- Learn more about ready rental business and investments in commercial real estate in Moscow

- Make an appointment for an individual consultation

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