Welcome to the Privilege Club!

If your friends are looking for real estate, join our club to collect a commission! We pay from 50 000 rubles for each recommendation of our projects. With just 1 click, even if you are not our client as of yet. Welcome to the Privilege Club STONE HEDGE PRIDE!

Step 1

Go to and get access to your personal account by clicking “Become a member”.

Step 2

In your personal account, add the contacts of your friends before they contact us themselves. Just click “Recommend”. We will sort it all out and you will be able to check the progress for each contact online.

Step 3

When your friends buy any real estate through your recommendation, we will pay you, from 0,5% of its price. Make money and use it as a discount against real estate from STONE HEDGE. The number of contacts as well as your total remuneration are not limited.

Step 4

Increase your remuneration through successful recommendations to increase your status: Gold, Platinum, Black, VIP. The higher the status, the higher the discount is for the purchase of real estate from STONE HEDGE.


If you have already become our client, then you have a guaranteed discount for new purchases in STONE HEDGE. Increase your status as a member of the Privilege Club: Gold, Platinum, Black, VIP.

More purchases lead to a higher status for a larger discount.

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