Art Residence Complex of mansions

Metro Belorusskaya
Address Northern Administrative District, 3rd Yamskogo Polya St., 9
Year of completion 2016
Class Premium

A complex of mansions in the center of Moscow, where high-quality European architecture creates an atmosphere of success and inspiration. Art Residence is located three minutes from “Belorusskaya” metro station, the “White Square” business center and Tverskaya Street. Art Residence “quotes” the main areas of European capitals. Classical London architecture is combined with Dutch minimalism and flavored with expressive details peculiar to Berlin. Each building of Art Residence is marked by a conceptual design and its own infrastructure. The stylish quarter attracts modern cosmopolitans, which are united by interests and the international scale of business.

Conquer New York, conquer Paris, open an office in London and return home — to Art Residence!

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