ESG Priority for STONE HEDGE

The priority for STONE HEDGE was to build a business on the principle of sustainable development. We not only minimize the negative impact, but, more importantly, increase the positive impact on the environment and people. The ESG agenda is strengthened as a long-term trend in development and is reflected in our activities.

The principles of sustainable development are integrated into our product: high-quality energy-efficient business centers, personnel policy and business processes, as well as in work on socially significant projects.


Real estate with care for nature and people

The process of building construction and maintenance requires a lot of resources. We implement solutions that minimize harm to nature. We carefully consider the choice of suppliers of materials, we use certified wood, concrete and other components. At the heart of the design of our business centers STONE by Stone Hedge is a human-centric approach, where the first place in the list of priorities are the needs of a person and his comfort.

Healthy building

A high-quality environment for productive work is created through the use of verified design solutions (column spacing 8.4x8.4, ceiling height 3.65 m, room depth — up to 10 m), the optimal level of insolation due to glazing in the floor, elements of biophilic design and a comfortable microclimate. It is achieved through modern engineering systems. For example, the central year-round heating and air conditioning system maintains a comfortable temperature of 22 degrees. The ventilation system is initially designed to supply 60 cubic meters of air per person, which is more than the established standards. In this case, the air passes a double filtration system with coarse and fine purification. In addition, the possibility of natural ventilation is implemented.


We focus on the comfort of future residents. We believe that the office space that meets the growing requirements of modern residents of the metropolis will have a direct positive impact on the business of companies. This will manifest itself both in terms of creating an environment for productive activities, and in terms of strengthening the HR brand. The key needs of the modern urban dweller, who devotes a lot of time to work, formed the basis of the concept of be CITIZEN, which corresponds to a human-centric approach.

Eco certification

The main reference point of stone premium office real estate is the health and well-being of employees of resident companies. And in order to confirm the compliance of business centers with the criteria for "healthy" construction, as well as their environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, we follow the requirements of the national standard for environmental certification of real estate.


Digitalization of construction is the direction in which all advanced companies are moving. The digital twin of the building allows you to track the work of engineering systems, plan repairs and maintenance. The use of BIM-model allows to optimize the cost of building materials, reduce the time of project implementation, introduce digital technologies in the design and construction management process.

Green solutions

We implement green solutions in every project of the offices of tomorrow STONE. We use energy-efficient methods of saving heat, electricity, water. Our class A business centers provide green transport solutions: charging stations for electric vehicles, micromobility infrastructure, parking for car-sharing cars. We are also implementing experimental solutions for placing solar panels in indoor pavilions on the street to charge laptops and phones. In addition, we organize separate waste collection on the territory of office centers.


STONE HEDGE as an employer

Truly high-quality development is not only walls and square meters. First of all, these are the people for whom we create our objects, and the people who are behind their creation. STONE HEDGE today is a team of like-minded people with all the competencies in the implementation of development projects, investments and asset management.

Social trend

Employees of the company are its main and most expensive resource. We invest a lot in the education of the team — this is regular training on the product, investments, evaluation, advanced training courses, access to educational online platforms and an electronic library. The company maintains an atmosphere of importance of each employee, his initiatives and maximum involvement in the processes. Strengthening weak ties between departments occurs through strategic sessions, corporate events. The average duration of work in the company is 6-7 years.

Ecological trend

For the STONE HEDGE team conscious consumption has become a habit. We hand over irrelevant printed materials as waste paper, and the company's projects provide for the possibility of separate garbage collection. We strive to minimize the cost of printed materials and use secondary raw materials for the production of advertising booklets and materials. We conduct digital document management.


External activities of the company

STONE HEDGE as one of the leading office developers in Moscow has focused its social impact on things that promote the company's mission and leverage its core competencies. Today the developer actively supports and develops socially significant projects, including urban ones.

STONE HEDGE x Nochlezhka

In 2021 STONE HEDGE became the general partner of the Nochlezhka charitable organization in Moscow. For the company this was an important step towards the creation and development of a long-term partnership program of corporate social responsibility. We are convinced that the value of our own home is equally important for everyone, and we, as a socially responsible developer, have set ourselves a goal: not only to build houses, but also to create the opportunity for everyone to find them, regardless of social status.

Financial support

Financial support for the projects of the charitable organization in Moscow. By the end of 2022 STONE HEDGE will transfer 20 million rubles to Nochlezhka. The funds will be used to support the entire complex of Nochlezhka social projects in Moscow.

Assistance in employment

Assistance in the employment of wards of Nochlezhka in the staff of the company. It is this aspect that has become key for the developer, as it is an opportunity to give a real chance for a person to get out of the street. In addition, one of the priorities of STONE HEDGE is to create inclusive teams in the company, where everyone is equally respected and supported, where there are opportunities for any person to implement.


Volunteer participation in the Night Bus project where food and basic necessities are distributed every weekday. Including through volunteering, we immerse employees and partners in the value and goals of corporate social responsibility. The priority for the company was the formation of a corporate culture around empathy: we cannot share common values, mutual assistance and the desire to help, if we do not learn to put ourselves in the place of another person.

Support for contemporary art

Taking into account the fact that the art concept is one of the key values of the company, STONE HEDGE supports contemporary art and integrates it into its projects. The synergy of development and art allows us to achieve a qualitatively new perception of objects and create an art atmosphere.


Since 2017 a free mobile museum of contemporary Russian art – POP UP MUSEUM – has been opened in the NEO GEO business center in partnership with Nikolskaya Gallery. The art project became the largest pop up museum in the world with an exhibition area of 2 000 square meters, with the largest collection of works of art and a pool of authors. POP UP MUSEUM has become the company's contribution to the popularization of contemporary Russian art and support for domestic artists, setting a new vector for the development of art institutions outside the Garden Ring and becoming a new point of attraction in the district.

Jart gallery

The personal operator for culture in the complex of low-rise mansions Art Residence was the Jart gallery. Art collaboration follows the global trend of integrating art objects into public spaces and strengthens the connection of the object with the urban environment.

Following the ESG trend is a laborious process, but we see positive results in the development of this direction. This inspires STONE HEDGE to continue to build its business on the principles of sustainable development.

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